Our products are manufactured in Japan. All natural ingredients and no preservatives.

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All our products could be stored at room temperature and do not expose to direct sunlight. It should kept in the chiller after open if you cannot finish the food. Do not frozen it. It is recommended to keep in a container and then put in the chiller. Pour everything in the container and do not add tap water for it may contaminate the food because we do not add preservatives. Always use a clean and dry utensil to take the food from the container. Konjac has a slight fishy smell. It is the natural smell of konjac.

Preparing for cooking

Some of our products are ready to eat and do not need to be heated. Example, the Warabi Mouch Konjac and Blueberry Konjac.

The rest of our products are already pre-cooked but need to be heated. First of all rinse the pre-cooked konjac with water. Then heat in boiing water for 2 minutes. After that remove the konjac fron the boiling water and be ready to prepare for your konjac meal.


[ Washing and heating Konjac Ramen ]


[ Washing and heating Chorella Konjac ]


You could also marinate the konjac with soya sauce, oyster sauce or any type of sauce you prefer before start preparing your meal. You could marinate for 1 hour, 2 hours or even longer. For longer longer marination keep in the chiller.

You could still prepare your meal without marinating. Cooking your Konjac meal is simple.

For vegetarian or vegan you could fry with vegetables or cook with soup. For non vegetarian you could add meat. Check our Member site where they post recipes for your cooking reference. Member Site